About Us

Friends of Dunhuang (Hong Kong)

Friends of Dunhuang (Hong Kong) Limited (“FoDHK”) is a non-profit organisation incorporated in May 2010 and endorsed by Dunhuang Academy China. It aims to raise funds for Dunhuang Academy China to enhance their Dunhuang grotto conservation and staff development efforts; it is also dedicated to promoting Dunhuang’s art and culture both nationally and internationally. 

Signed donation agreement with Dunhuang Academy upon the establishment of FoDHK on 18 Nov, 2010.

FoDHK committee members presenting a cheque to the Director of Dunhuang Academy at a press conference on 18 Nov, 2010.


Our Work

  • Raise funds for Dunhuang Academy; Supervise and monitor fund disbursement and report project progress to donors.​
  • Key sponsored projects include high-res digitisation of cave murals, Cave and Environment protection, conservation and repair, and Dunhuang Scholarship.
  • Promote Dunhuang history and culture through lectures, panel discussions, exhibitions and seminars.
  • Organise Cultural trips and study trips to Dunhuang for donors to experience and appreciate Dunhuang.

Field trips are organised annually for donors to appreciate the conservation work done in Dunhuang.


How we work

  • Our operation cost is less than 1% of the donation received for the year;

  • Individual members absorb much of the operation cost;

  • Fund raised is used entirely on different projects;

  • Fund disbursed according to project progress.

Honorary Members

Honorary President


Director FAN Jinshi         Director WANG Xu Dong

Honorary Chairman

Ms Elsie LEUNG Mrs Carrie LAM


Prof. TSUI Lap-Chee Dr. CHAN Man-hung

Paul YUNG, CHONG Hok-shan, Paul CHOW, Beatrice MOK, Belinda HUNG 

Vice Chairman 
Rose YUEN, Leonie KI, LO Kai Yin 

Council Member 
Richard LOH, Peggy YOUNG, John CHU, LAM Kin-chung, Corinna TSO, Albert LAM, CHOY So-yuk, LAU Fook-chu, Corinna WONG, Dr. WONG King-keung


The Executive Committee


Founding Chairman Gabriel YU
Chairman Prof. CF LEE
Vice Chairman LEE Mei-yin, Jimmy LO 
Secretary Jimmy LO 
Treasurer Alice LAU MAK
Legal Adviser John CHU
Publicity and Promotion Committee  Stanley WONG, Joseph CHAN, 
Academic  LEE Mei-Yin, Prof. HO Puey Peng
Fundraising  Thomas TSO
Member Amelia PAU
Executive Secretary Wynne LEUNG, KO Man Yee
Audit Committee Teresa TONG 


We are all volunteers!!

Contact Us

By telephone: +852 2302 3021

By email: enquiry@fodhk.org.hk

By Mail: c/o Italade Enterprises Limited, Units 3001 – 3003, 30/F Universal Trade Centre,

3 Arbuthnot Road, Central, Hong Kong.