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Virtual Caves on the Web

Upto the end of 2014, the Dunhuang Academy has overcome countless challenges to successfully completed digitalization and virtualization of 33 caves using the most advanced digitalization technology available.

Making use of the such results, the Academy has further developed a web-version of the virtualization of 12 selected caves for public appreciation.

The web-version provides a full horizontal 360 degree and vertical 180 degree tour with magnification. However, taking into account the costs of production, development time, intellectual property protection, individual bandwidth limitations, target audience as well as the overall effect, 3 main simplifications have been incorporated:

  1. The actual 3-dimenisional actual surrounding was simulated using 2-dimensional pictures.
  2. The data resolution was reduced from the original 300dpi to 75 dpi.
  3. The degree of magnification was limited to a visually sensible level.

Enjoy a taste of Dunhuang, respect intellectual property, and contribute to its critical conservation as well as tasteful popularization!

The 12 caves in chronological dynasty order are:

Cave 275 of the Sixteen States period,

Cave 254 of Northern Wei,

Cave 248 of Western Wei,

Cave 301 of Northern Zhou,

Cave 322 of the Early Tang Dynasty period,

Cave 320 of the High Tang Dynasty period,

Cave 158 of the Mid Tang Dynasty period,

Cave 196 of the Late Tang Dynasty period,

Cave 61 of the Five Dynasties period,

Cave 35 of the Song Dynasty,

Cave 245 of the Western Xia period, and

Cave 3 of the Yuan Dynasty.