Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information Collection and Use

FoDHK may collect information from voluntary website users, such as name, email, telephone number and correspondence address, and may record down the system information, logs and cookies generated from using the website. All collected information may be used for research, statistical analysis, organizing activities and communication purposes. Unless otherwise permitted by law or with the consent from the users, the information collected will not be used for purposes other than those stated above.

Transfer of Personal Information

Access to personal data collected is limited to authorised personnel within FoDHK. FoDHK may transfer personal data collected to consultants and service providers for the aforesaid purposes only. The transmission of any information on-line is not secured by encryption.

Access and Correction

In case any voluntary website user wishes to gain access to or make correction of his/her personal data kept by FoDHK, please call or write to the personal data privacy officer of FoDHK.