Sponsored Projects and Methods of Acknoledgement

All donations are designated towards individual projects, and are closely monitored to ensure that donations are properly spent according to the donors' wishes.

Donor Hall of Fame set-up by Dunhuang Academy outside the entrance to the Mogao Caves for appreciation of the Donation or Contributions above RMB500,000


To donate, please make a direct deposit (HKD or RMB) into our bank account (HSBC:808-845499-838), or send a crossed cheque payable to "Friends of Dunhuang (HK) Limited" together with your contact information.  

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We support

  • We support the Academy in producing high-resolution digital images of cave murals and sculptures.

In light of the extent of natural and manmade damages made to the Dunhuang caves, in 1993 DHRA began to explore the possibility of digitising the paintings and sculptures found in the 167 grottoes under its guardianship to ensure their long-term preservation.

Since its inception, FoDHK has raised more than RMB10.65M (as at 15 Aug 2014) to fund the high-res digitisation work on about 70 grottoes.  It is estimated that another RMB60.42M is required to carry out digitisation work on the remaining 97 grottoes.

Digitisation case:Mogao Cave 61 - large-scale digitisation of wall paintings.

Manpower spent on collecting raw images: 4 groups / 2+ months. 

Raw images taken: 43,713 photos

  • We support Protection and Conservation
Innovative Grass-square installation against Desertification


flaking repairing in Cave 85
Mural repair and protection against natural and human factors.


  • We support education programmes 
  • The Dunhuang Scholarship aims to support and recognise young researchers who are dedicated to Dunhuang studies.  Awardees are selected on a competitive basis by an international panel domprising eminent Dunhuang scholoars. Since its inception in 2010, our donors have sponsored 32 awardees, totaling RMB220,000.
The 2010 awardees and the selection committee of the Dunhuang Scholarship.


  •  Researchers from DHRA receive grants from FoDHK to attend international conferences. This not only broadens the scope of research topics undertaken by DHRA researchers, it strengthens the Academy's project planning and management capabilities.  Field trips to France and India have also been made possible. 
Prof. Peng Jinzhang at an academic conference in India.


  • The Cultural Heritage Schools Outreach Programme inspired by a donation made by some primary school students from Changzhou.
A Dunhuang-themed board game designed by secondary school students.


Students inspecting the model of a grotto.


Students performing the story of the 'Nine-colored Deer' according to the depiction on one of the murals.


  • We set-up special projects at donors' request

FoDHK also sets up special projects at donors' s request.  A donor has wished to improve the sanitation condition of the site.  Money is therefore used to hire toilet cleaning staff to maintain and to improve toilet facility.  Shown here is the condition of the new toilet.

Funds raised are used entirely on designated projects and no administrative expenditure will be deducted from the donation. From its inception up till 2014, FoDHK’s administrative cost remain less than 1% of the donation received for the year (except for the inaugural year). 

The Friends of Dunhuang (Hong Kong) is a charity registered in Hong Kong. An official receipt will be issued for donation of HK$100 or above for tax deduction purpose.

Protecting Dunhuang is a profound long-term responsibility.

Appeal for Sponsorship

While DRA in conjunction with donors of FoDHK have achieved significant progress in the digitalization and other conservation areas, a lot remain to be carried out dependent on additional sponsorships coming forward.

The group of Dunhuang caves is not only a Chinese national heritage. It is recognized by world heritage experts as the only unbroken collection of historical relics recording in its precious original form the thousands years of east-west exchange through the Silk Road. It is indeed unique and unsurpassed in its scope, variety, depth, as well as multi-cultural dimensions.

Through the turbulent years of history and against the harsh environment, the staff of DRA has unreservingly dedicated their efforts to conserve the heritage and research its contents to the applause of national and international heritage lovers.

Your sponsorship towards the digitalization or other conservation/popularization projects would go a long way towards sustaining the heritage for the appreciation of future generations to come.We are all volunteers and would like to ask you to join our efforts to safeguard Dunhuang’s unique legacy. 

DHRA and FoDHK would like to thank you for your interest in advance, and are looking forward to working along with you on your areas of interest, be it funding specfic projects of interests or volunteering time and effort in research, education, administration, or project support. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the channels below for further exploration:

By telephone: +852 2302 3021

By email: enquiry@fodhk.org.hk

By Mail: Friends of Dunhuang (HK) Ltd. Rm. 3001-03, 30/F Universal Trade Centre, 3 Arbuthnot Road, Central, Hong Kong.

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